Are prawns healthy? Why your body loves this super crustacean

Aussies love their prawns, and for good reason. Not only are these super crustaceans packed with flavour, they’re also an incredibly healthy meal option for you and your kids.

While many of us only break out prawns at Christmas, they make for an ideal meal base all year-round. As a heart and environment-friendly alternative to red meat, Healthy Prawns are the healthy protein that we could all stand to eat more of!

Are prawns healthy?

Absolutely. Prawns are an excellent source of many nutrients, and they’re very low in saturated fats (the bad kind of fats). According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, prawns are an essential part of a healthy diet!

Vitamins and minerals in prawns

Prawns contain a wide array of essential vitamins and minerals that are responsible for a number of vital bodily functions:

Vitamins B3, B6 and B12:

Responsible for a healthy nervous system, energy production and the replenishment of red blood cells.

Calcium and iron:

Involved in healthy blood formation and clotting. Also responsible for effectively distributing oxygen around the body.

Phosphorous, copper and magnesium:

Help to build strong bones.


An effective antioxidant that keeps cells healthy.


Important for developing a healthy immune system.


A fatty acid that’s associated with a reduced risk of heart attacks and lower blood pressure.

How many calories are in prawns?

Prawns are surprisingly low in calories, averaging at about 70 cal per 100 g. Compare this with chicken, at twice as many calories, and beef, at three times as many.

Prawns also contain around 17 g of protein and less than 1 g of fat in an 85g serving. This makes them one of the best seafood meal options, if you’re looking to promote muscle growth and reduce fat.

Are prawns keto-friendly?

Did you know that there are next to no carbohydrates in prawns?

This makes them an ideal for those on a keto diet. Be mindful, though, that while prawns are extremely low in carbohydrates, other shellfish are not. Just stick with Healthy Prawns, and you’ll be fine!

Do prawns contain cholesterol?

Yes. Prawns contain relatively high levels of cholesterol. However, because of their overall fatty acid profile – containing almost three times as much omega-3 fatty acid than omega-6 – they do not lead to higher cholesterol levels!

In fact, a 2010 study that involved giving 23 healthy men 225 g of cold water prawns and an equivalent amount of fish for 12 weeks found that eating prawns had no significant effect on LDL cholesterol (the kind that causes fat buildup in the body).

Health benefit of prawns in your children’s diet

Prawns can be a cornerstone of your child’s healthy growth and development. Some of the key benefits of prawns include:

Enhances brain development:

The omega-3 fatty acids in prawns may have a variety of neurological effects, such as improving ADHD symptoms, reducing asthma and promoting more restful sleep.

Improves bone growth:

The abundance of vitamin D in prawns helps to promote proper bone health and prevent the development of bone density disorders.

Good source of protein:

Prawns are not only low in fat, they’re also high in protein! Protein is a key nutrient in a child’s diet as it helps them to grow and build muscle tissue.

Improves strength and vision:

Prawns are high in vitamin B12, which is a key nutrient for improved eyesight and muscle strength.

Maintains energy levels:

Prawns are a rich source of iron, which can reduce tiredness and improve concentration in children.

Healthy prawn recipes

Liven up your family meal-time, with the best recipes from Healthy Prawns. Your kids will love our plump and juicy prawns, which you can infuse with almost any type of cuisine.

Italian, Spanish, Chinese... take your pick!